Genre: Adventure Developer: Climax System: PlayStation

I think it's safe to say that there are no midi's of Alundra currently available on the internet.

0000000 One question: Did you like Zelda? Or Secret of Mana? Well, if you did, you will play Alundra until your Playstation melts, or explodes, which ever happens to come first. 0000000 This game is awesome. From the very beginning, you're drawn into an intricate and complex storyline that usually is non-existant in games such as this. Some people will fight me on this, but I didn't think Zelda: A Link To The Past had a very good storyline (don't get me wrong, I liked it). But Alundra has some of the most challenging puzzles ever to grace the PlayStation. Move over WildArms. There will be times that you want to crush this game into fine powder or at least kick it around a bit. But overall, this game is fun, you won't care.
~ Wayne Kelley

81% Anime base, but so very cool.
93% Love it, so will you.
79% So much better than Zelda.
90% Did I say that I love this game?
10% No way. You couldn't pay me to do some of those puzzles again.


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