Genre: RPG Developer: Working DesignsSystem: PlayStation

Here are some cool tunes from different parts of the game.

World Map Music
Battle Music
More Battle Music
Boss Battle
Town 2

0000000Mad-Stupid. That is all I have to say for this game. You may think that Mad-Stupid is not a word, BUT IT IS!!!! Play this game and you will know! I plan to give this game a pretty high rating, and here’s why: 1st off, the graphics were superb. ‘Nough said. 2nd, the game clocked in at around 62 hours. For a game to take that long for me to beat, considering all the rpgs I’ve beaten deserves some recognition. However, the game could have been much better. First of all, I have greatly been longing for a game with enough courage to pull off the spell that broke through what I call “the radius of 3 barrier”. Why not 4, 5 or even 6? Sure, there would be need for more enemies, so put more in. Also, the end boss, in my humble opinion was too hard. Only 1 person could physically attack it per turn, which made it even tougher, whereas all the other bosses were nothing compared to it. It’s ok to have bosses with insane amounts of hp (the end boss had 9999), but give me a break. Gogen’s “Explosion” only took about 40 hp a turn and Tosh missed over half the time trying to attack it. Spells that had concentrated attack on one enemy were greatly needed. Therefore the end boss battle was more of an exercise in patience (Each try requires about 2 hours!). Yes, you might describe it as trying to compute a mathematical equation to see if you have any chance in beating it or not or if you should hit the reset button.
~ Adam Henderson

71% Pretty good!
56% Blah
38% This is being generous.
73% Originally I wanted to rate this lower
12% Clocks in at about 62 hours, pretty damn long


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