Genre: RPG Developer: Who knows? Who cares? System: PlayStation


I just don't have to go any further. But since I have nothing better to do, I guess I will. This game is made by some dumb company (I can't remember) and is a very good example of a POORLY developed RPG. I just couldn't stand it. The dragon I really liked the dragon picture, so I re-drew it on my 386 and later shrunk it down to make it look better with Adobe. You can look at it in my art section.

1. Samson is always cursed! Urrrrrrrgh!

2. It's too hard! You have no clue really, in what to do in the game, so you just kindof wander around until you find the dumb pyramid, and there's no hope there 'cause the place never ends and when you think you're almost there, No! No! No! there's still more! And then you die. It's like the 3rd level in Battle Toads. Have any of you seen how long that thing is?!? What were the programmers thinking!?!

Oh well, I guess I'd better wrap this review up. Anyway, in summery, I'd have to say that there actually ARE people that WILL enjoy this game. Just not me. I'd rather stick with Tetris. Yeah, that's the ticket...

~ Adam Henderson

47% Nice Dragon... could've been better.
29% Typical Japanesse garbage. Nothing new.
32% Battles every 5 steps... yawn.
10% Hint: This game sucks.
7% Did I mention this game sucks?


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