Genre: RPG Developer: SquareSoft System: PlayStation

Here are some cool tunes from different parts of the game.

Overworld Theme (Playing)

0000000The ends didnít justify the means in this game as the ending just left you feeling like a raped girl. The only way to defeat the end boss is to get the spell colors in order and it pretty much isnít something youíre going to think of on your own. I mean, it did cross my mind that the programmers might pull something like that, but other than that thereís really nothing even remotely difficult about the end boss. The graphics were great, and apparently I liked the story line (Iím writing this review sometime after I beat it; but I made the ratings for it as soon as I beat it so Iím going to stick with those), but I really think the music was a cop-out. They really couldíve improved the musical scores. As you can see my rating for this game is extremely high in comparison to my other games, so go out and play this game.
~ Adam Henderson

84% Serge is very nicely rendered
72% The music could've been better
73% I don't know why I rated this so high.
90% Easy but fun.
31% This game will soon be a classic.


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