Genre: RPG Developer: SquareSoft System: Super Nintendo

Chrono Trigger

Here are some cool tunes from different parts of the game.

Opening Theme

At the Black Omen
At Magus's Alter
The Future 2099 a.d.
Truce Village, 1000 A.D.
The End of Time
At the Millenial Fair

This game is cool, but not half as cool as FF3. I enjoyed the story line somewhat, and the multiple endings were nice, but when you get right down too it, it just isn't Square's better games. I especially hated the music they put for when you go in to fight Lavos. It sounds like the Sound Effects guy at Square just decided it might be fun just to throw a bunch of fast notes together to make some crazy sound.
~ Adam Henderson

92% I loved the opening! Also the towns!
77% Listen to the Magus Tune! It's cool!
39% Too much like all Squaresoft games.
50% Lacking. Battle sequences boring.
36% Multiple endings add to this factor.


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