Genre: RPG Developer: SquareEnix System: Switch

0000000So, this game is good in the sense that it did everything it was supposed to do, but the problem is it met expectations but then didn't go any further. The story was the most disappointing part, DQ8's story was much better. The "puff puff" thing was pretty weird. Parts of the story were ok enough for me to be interested, but towards the end, I was like "ok, let's be done with this".
0000000 The game's difficulty was just about right. The most difficult boss was the Gloomnivore (pictured above), which IS NOT the end boss. The end boss itself was pretty easy, but by that point you just wanted the game to be over, so that was ok. The side quests were boring. I will give credit to this game for putting together the 2-D mode. I played the whole game in 2-D mode and the graphics were actually good.
0000000 For the gameplay, the battles were fun for the most part. The gloomnivore did give me some trouble. Also this weird battle where you're fighting the old man, I think I lost twice on that one too. The end boss was not difficult, but that's a good thing because end bosses in RPGs are often made artificially difficult and it's not fun. (Thinking of Chrono Cross as an example). The casinos were probably the most fun part of the game, it legit made me want to go gambling in a real casino (maybe not a good thing for kids who play this game). However, the casinos in this game were too easy to make big wins on, in my opinion. I'll finish by mentioning that the one thing in this game that was innovative was the "Fun-Size Forge", which really wasn't that innovative since it's been a part of the series for a few games now, but they did enhance it. The other innovative part was the character builder, which reminded me of FF10's sphere grid (which is one of the best character builder's I've ever seen, so it's totally fine to copy that!)
0000000 One last thing about the battle system-- part of the reason this game was too easy is because the auto-battle is too good. You don't usually get better results by making commands manually (especially when it comes to healing), which took part of the fun away from the battles. Even so, there WERE times where you had to make executive decisions, so it wasn't all that bad.
0000000 Overall, there's not too much to say about this game. It serves it's purpose, which is to be a fun RPG that's not too difficult.

~ Adam Henderson

Game Difficulty Rating:

75% The more well-done part of the game.
68% Lackluster, occasionally good though.
76% The battles, casino, forge and character builder were all fun.
50% Same as it ever was.
50% 70 hours. 70, tedious, hours.
50% Extremely childish for the most part.


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