Genre: RPG Developer: EnixSystem: PlayStation

Here are some cool tunes from different parts of the game.

World Map tune (Playing)

0000000I didn’t leave the game on while I did other things and it still took me nearly 100 hours to beat this game (97:17 to be exact). I haven’t tried the “secret dungeons” yet and maybe I will maybe I won’t. But seeing how I did beat the game I can finally justify giving a review on it. The ending was, to put it lightly, poorly done. The graphics were NOT 3-D, which considering how poorly even Square does it (which scratchy polygons, etc.), makes it a welcomed thing. I’m not criticizing 3-D, it’s just that it’s hard getting used to and I feel that it needs a bit improvement. While I’m on the subject, I feel that the reason Enix claims that this game is a “traditional RPG” is because the graphics simply aren’t that fancy and the focus was lent to actual gameplay for a change. There weren’t many FMVs (when they’re of as poor quality as they were in this game I prefer to call it CGI) This is the first game I decided I needed a strategy guide-I feel that this game in particular calls for one. I think towards the end of the game you’ll want to level up a little bit-not just because you’ll need to, but it’s also kinda nice to see how awesome you can get your party. I recommend going back to the cave that has Metabables-they give 10,000 exp. each.
~ Adam Henderson

59% Their attempt at FMVs is pitiful.
54% NO good music. However it’s not horrible.
40% Just another RPG.
98% The percentage speaks for itself.
47% Very high for an RPG – But only because this game was so damn long.


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