Genre: Strategy Developer: Intelligent Systems System: 3DS

0000000 I wish I could say this was the greatest game ever, but I'll have to just go with "It's a great game". The Fire Emblem series took up the turn-based strategy genre at a time when no one else would, and for that I am eternally grateful. Suffice it to say Nintendo has not disappointed with the Fire Emblem series.
0000000 I'll take a moment to talk about difficulty. I played this game on Hard, Classic Mode (if your characters die they're gone forever--I wouldn't dare play a Fire Emblem game in non-Classic mode), thinking I would get a real challenge. Unfortunately, while the game was challenging at first, it just wasn't after that. I've heard from reviews that Echoes and Fates may be better, so I'm hoping, but I think I will try Lunatic next time for a better challenge. I can't say how difficult Lunatic is, because I haven't tried it and I frankly don't have time to play through the whole game again.
0000000 I don't want to make the review too long, as I think I can make my case that this is a very good game without having to go on and on. I found the characters to be very interesting (at least the "good guys"), and as always with the FE series, there is a lot of text for the dialog as you get to choose which characters fall in love by putting them together on the battlefield. This was nice, and I'm hoping that there will be interesting homosexual relationships in the future, but not with this game. I've heard there is in Fates, so I'm anxious to see how that goes.
0000000 The story was solid, even if they didn't explain the time travel as a story mechanic. The central topic was whether the future can be changed, and it came close to being profound, but the story was just not developed enough and too short to provide anything meaningful. Even so, it made me think--a little. Overall, wonderful game, I'm very glad I played it, looking forward to playing Fates next and then Echoes.

~ Adam Henderson

Game Difficulty Rating:

80% Very well done for 3DS.
75% Some tracks were great, esp towards the end.
75% Some innovation and keeps the genre alive.
90% I honestly would look forward to playing this one.
60% 66 hours. Not great, but not bad.
75% Won't spoil it, good story.


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