Genre: RPG Developer: Square Soft System: SNES

Here are some of my favorite tunes from Final Fantasy. This music, from even a 16-Bit system, is the best music I've ever heard on a video game.

Kefka's theme
Boss Music!
Opening Music
Opera Tune
Ending Sequence

When I first bought this game for $90, as soon as I saw the opening screens, I knew I was in for the best RPG experience this world can offer. And for a HARD-CORE RPG fan, this game is pure heaven. You get to name all the characters, walk through beautifully made castles (For a 16-Bit system anyway), and meet characters that actually have personality to them! It's great! Fun for the whole family!
~ Adam Henderson

85% These graphics are beautiful!
97% Just listen to this music yourself!
80% The FF series is not a normal series.
93% This is the best story line I've ever seen.
39% You'll find this on your shelf after you beat it.


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