Genre: RPG Developer: Square Soft System: PlayStation

Some tunes from Final Fantasy VII:

Sephoroth's Theme
Main Map
With all this hype over Final Fantasy, if you haven't played this game for your self to see how good it is, one may wonder if the game really lived up to its name. There must be 100,000 pages over FF3. RPG fanatics everywhere are aware of the greatness of this series, and would do anything just to get their hands on this game. Personally, I bought the PlayStation for the main purpose of getting this game! So did this game live up to its name?


Final Fantasy fans will NOT be disappointed!!! This game did suffer a few things that we did expect from it, in areas such as the opening sequence (minor), and in the music area. In the graphics dept. is something unbelievably unexpected though! The graphics are marvelous! All the way through the game are graphic scenes that other games could not dream of! You will not believe your eyes when you see FMV sequence after FMV sequence explaining the tremendous storyline of the game. This game is 3 CD's long and I have no doubt in my mind that this game will be much longer than any Final Fantasy in the past. Now that's saying something, considering how long #2 was. At first you might even think that the game limit's it exploration to Midgar, which ends up being only 1 of the cities in the game!

I could go on and on about this game, and would still not give it the glory it deserves.

So to make the long story short: GET THIS GAME.

~ Adam Henderson

99% This is the ultimate in 3-D graphics.
76% This sound should have been much better.
80% Not much here. This is NOT a game for beginners.
99% Fast and confusing. You will not get bored.
44% At least 60+ hours long. Linear Storyline.


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