Genre: RPG Developer: SquareSoft System: PlayStation

Here are some cool tunes from different parts of the game.

Eyes On Me
Final Battle Music
Maybe I'm A Lion
Waltz on the Moon

0000000 This game is tedious, but youíll be glad you played it. I donít really want to get to much into the details of the game, but because I need to say something, I will briefly mention the final battle. First of all, Ultimecia has 1,000,000 hit points. This is just not acceptable. The only way to beat her, is if you have a bunch of Auras, which turns out to be the only spell worth your time on her, use them on Squall, and hope heís Lion Heart. And if you donít have Lion Heart, Iím sorry, but you donít stand a chance. The ending is debatable, but it satisfies. Itís simply ridiculous that all of the cool summons you learn, all the spells you learn are for naught, because in the end, even if you cast Ultima thrice on her, thatís nothing compared to using Lion Heart, which, get this, takes off 200,000 hit points on her! What is this? And whatís with the summons! Half of them take at least a minute with Eden taking 3 minutes! Sure, itís cool, but I donít want to have to wait 3 minutes to finally get on with the game! Maybe sometime in the future there will be a spell/summon or whatever that the end boss can use that takes up 10 minutes, or even a half an hour! Yeah! Thatíd be freakiní awesome! No really, all kidding aside, FF8 really is a great game and you should at least give it a chance. ~ Adam Henderson
~ Adam Henderson

95% FMV's are good
89% End battle is superb
20% Too much like all Squaresoft games.
60% Junction system was confusing
12% You'll never want to endure this pain again


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