Genre: RPG Developer: SquareSoft System: PlayStation

Here are some cool tunes from different parts of the game.

Melodies of Life
Final Battle Music

00000009. 9, 9, 9. That’s about all can say about this game, is 9. It’s starting to get redundant. All the final fantasys are starting to blend together now and if you’re like me, you’re starting to get them mixed up. 9 was better than 8, and even 8 was worth playing all the way through, so if you’re serious at all about gaming, you should get this one. I still am trying to figure out what the “real deal” is with Zidane, but I think I’ll just let it slide for now. Kinda like how I was wondering what the “real deal” with Thorn and Zorn or whatever the guy’s name was. One of the things I’m real critical on nowadays when I’m rating an RPG is how difficult the end boss is. And I think Square did a good job on this one. You don’t have to have any certain limit break like in 8 to beat the end boss, while Kuja is still really challenging. Although I’m not quite sure if you could beat the game on a decent level without having “Shock” with Steiner. I could bore you talking about other stuff, but I won’t, just beat this game, and then get on with you’re RPG beating career.
~ Adam Henderson

95% FMV's are good.
65% Sorry Uemetseu, lacks orginality.
22% Apparently and with no surprise...
70% This game was FUN.
5% You'll be lucky if you can get through the castle.


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