Genre: RPG Developer: SquareSoft System: Playstation


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There's only one way I can describe FF Tactics: Absolutely the BEST Strategy game on the market. From the multiple character classes to the almost overwhelming array of bosses and enemies, the game often keeps you guessing just who the real villain is. (Trust me, when you find out, you won't be disappointed.) The storyline keeps you going in circles, and the constant availability of new spells, combos, sword techniques, etc. keeps you fascinated by providing new graphics to feast your eyes on. Although the character graphics aren't as advanced as FF7, they are much better than the somewhat stagnant graphics of Vandal Hearts. The other thing I have to mention is the difficulty. This game is one I would only recommend to the patient. Character classes will sometimes seem impossible to master, and some bosses (Velius) may seem indestructible. Otherwise, I whole-heartedly invite you to play this game. Rent it, buy it, do whatever you have to do. Just beware, you're in for a very long ride (100+ hours).
~ Wayne Kelley

78% The Characters aren't impressive, but the spells are better than FF7!
92% The only game in which I prefer listening to the music.
60% Not much in the way of graphics, but leaps and bounds above Vandal Hearts.
83% Keeps you going and going and going...
35% Once you're done, you're done.


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