Genre: RPG Developer: Game Arts System: PlayStation

Here are some cool tunes from different parts of the game.

Boat Song
Battle Music
Sad Music

0000000 First of all, this really was a great game. And I hope the score will reflect that. Iím writing this review after Iíve beaten the second one, which is actually not bad because I can contrast it. I clocked in about 60 hours. 40 hours getting to the end boss, and 20 hours leveling up so I could defeat the end boss. It actually somewhat added to the gameplay, but only if you liked seeing all the weird obscure spells that popped up, because thatís what you really needed to beat the game. Letís see, there was the classic ďDragon King SliceĒ and the well I donít know there were some weird oneís though! ďReal DealĒ again with Justin; I mean, is he or isnít he? I guess weíll never know! I think he is though. Just because of the whole Feena thingÖ
~ Adam Henderson

66% Bleeeeeh. Worse than FF3
69% Nothing special. Oh well.
47% EXTREMELY well-done battle system. Genius.
87% You've got to see for yourself.
2% Once it's over, it's over.


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