GranStream Saga
Genre: Adventure Developer: THQ System: PlayStation

Sorry. No midis.

0000000 I haven't beaten the game, and I don't like to review games that I haven't beaten yet, but I'm at the 4th and last continent , so I think that's good enough. Anyway, this game is bad enough that I don't really want to finish it. But if you're starving for adventure games, and you don't have a 64, this one will hold you over.

0000000 Again, the only reason this game is not an RPG is because of the battle system. The best way to describe it is like King's Feild, only not in 1st person, and with not as much room. I suppose you could also compare it with Tobal #1, for those yof you who've played that game.

0000000 The storyline was good, but like in Parasite Eve, you're dissapointed because you always know how far you are into the game, and plus it's just too short. I can already pretty much predict the raing I'm going to give this game, but give it a chance anyway.
~ Adam Henderson

53% The CGI's are good, but short.
45% Not bad, but could be improved
42% Lacking. Too predictable.
39% Controls were kinda sticky.
12% Too short. Once it's over, it's over.


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