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Here are some cool tunes from different parts of the game.

Battle Music

0000000Lunar 2. Ahhh, geez, where do I start? Iíd actually like to start with a point about Zophar, the end boss. In an RPG, the end boss battle should make you feel that you feel like youíve mastered the game. Well, this game does that, only Zophar isnít really the ďend bossĒ. Nevermind that, itís just weird; they have an epilogue thing that makes the game continue for oh, another 8 hours or so, which brings the game up to about 40 hours. Big Whup.

0000000 Back to Zophar. He is damn hard! Damn hard! And this coming from a player who knows. In fact, if you die in the beginning of the game, because youíre too used to the games like FF, which allow you to get through the opening no sweat, donít be surprised. The only reason Zophar was hard for me, was because I have this theory. Let me explain. At the end of a game such as a FF game, you may find yourself over-prepared for the end boss Ė spells and summons you thought youíd use turn out to be useless, and while you struggled with bosses that were not the end boss while they mightíve been easier if you had used some of the magic and life restoring items, you find that you didnít really need as many as you saved up for. Therefore, when I got to Zophar, I had, oh, 2 silver lights. Guess how many tries it took me to defeat him?

0000000 That was a rhetorical question. In case any of you would like to know, here is some strategy concerning Zophar: First of all, the second form is obviously the only one you really have to worry about. Letís say for agrumentsí sake that you get to Zophar and you only have 2 silver lights. On the first form, youíll want to use a silver light on Lemina after her mp runs low, and make sure not to use any of Hiroís magic. After youíve used the silver light and cast catastrophe one more time, donít use it again. If Hiroís hp is at least 250, then finish him off. You should just barely be able to destroy both arms before the real battle starts with the second form if you cast Power Drive on Hiro and have him attack the arms with Triple Sword. And have every one else attack the arms as well with Lemina using Catastrophe. After the real battle starts, here is the moment of truth. This is where you prove whether youíre really a man. Zophar is tough, and you will have to be patient with him. Drown out all distractions, and focus. And here is the key: You donít have to kill the healing arm, as if youíll notice, the healing arm only heals once in a great while, and doesnít heal that much. Zopharís healing arm will probably steal 150 mp once from either Ronfar or Lemina. Either way, use the last silver light on Lemina, as she will have to be using White Dragon Protect nearly every single turn, as Ronfar will need to be healing every single turn. Oh yes, and before the real battle starts, make sure youíre party is spread out. If you do everything I say, it should relitively easy.

0000000 Overall, as far as whether you should play this RPG versus another RPG, let me say this: Lunar 2 was sort of a culmination of RPG playing skill for me. Here are some easier games that I recommend beating before trying to take on this one: FF3, FF8, and FF9, for starters. Of course the first Lunar, although itís not entirely necessary, and some other RPGs such as the Suikodens or Grandias. If youíre not worried about the difficulty, and youíre more worried about something stupid like storyline or graphics/sound (j/k), then I still recommend the first Lunar or esp. the FF games. They trump in those areas. The next review you can expect to see from me is Mega Man X5, as I am growing tired of RPGs. However, if there were a really good RPG such as this one that I hadnít played yet, I would always go for the RPG first. Itís good to play a good action game every now and then anyway.
~ Adam Henderson

66% Lower than you might think because of higher standards.
63% Pentigulia was the only good theme.
12% Nothing innovative.
90% Excellent - Great end boss battle.
4% Lower than one because it was longer.


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