Genre: Action Developer: Capcom System: SNES

0000000 I am wanting to expand just slightly from reviewing just RPGs (technically, I have already), and expanding to the Mega Man series is a good way to start. For those unfamiliar with the series, there are the "Mega Man" games, which are difficult, and there are the "Mega Man X" games, which are even more difficult
0000000 I just beat 7, and to give you a sense of the difficulty, only 1.22% of gamers got the "Beat Mega Man 7" achievement. So yes, Mega Man, especially Mega Man 7, is no joke. Small asterisk, I did utilize "Load Last Checkpoint" for Wily's castle, but for the end boss, even that doesn't get you straight to the 2nd form, the last checkpoint is Wily's first form.
0000000 The second and last form is where the real fun of this game lies. For lack of a better term, Wily's second form is THE ONLY part of this game that I'd use the term "non-trivial". This does not mean the rest of the game was easy, just that I use the term "non-trivial" to mean any part of any game that is extremely difficult. To defeat Wilyk you first have to get past a relatively trivial first form. After that, you're in for a real treat. Wily's weakness is the "W. Coil", which is the first real weapon you pick up in the game, and is pretty useless outside the final boss. Wily rarely spawns on the ground where you can easily hit him, and is usually at medium or high level. When he's at high level, he's virtually impossible to hit, and trying is just going to make you lose because you need to be more focused on dodging.
0000000 Wily's attack is 4 orbs that start at each corner of him, and then all move pretty much straight toward the player. They are all either fire, ice or lightning, and the fire and ice ones decapacitate Megaman (as well as doing a good deal of damage!), which makes it even more difficult to hit Wily. First time I played through this game and got to this boss, I was like "what the shit" and quit the game. This time I was determined to win, but not before a fair amount of swearing and telling the game how much I hated it. You know, standard Mega Man fare.
0000000 You need to have 4 energy tanks and the one allowed "S tank" which fills up both energy and ammo to win against this boss. You're going to get hit. Repeatedly. And I love the game for it.
0000000 Some minor design flaws: 1. Protoman's battle was fun and challenging, but his shield is basically useless. I thought I could use it on Wily's 2nd form, but since you need to be using W. Coil to beat him, basically pressing select to make the required switch is way too cumbersome. 2. You can't use passwords in Dr. Wily's castle; it forces you to start at the beginning. Not cool, Capcom. Overall, really fun game, especially if you're up for the challenge.

~ Adam Henderson

Game Difficulty Rating:

70% Good for its time.
50% Adequate.
50% Wily's castle was somewhat innovative.
50% Some flaws, such as difficulty not being balanced.
10% 10 hours. 10 agonizing hours.
10% Meh.


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