Genre: Action Developer: Capcom System: Xbox

0000000 Mega Man 9 does more things right than it does wrong. Right: Return to pixelated graphics. This might sound crazy, but I wasn't impressed by Mega Man 11's graphics. It was a good effort, but Mega Man really just looks and feels right when its pixelated. Wrong: The game was more difficult than it needed to be. To be fair, the game is SUPPOSED to be difficult, it's MEGA MAN 9, a game infamous for it's diffulty. After I beat the game, the diamond achievement showed up on my Xbox, with only 0.6% of gamers ever beating Mega Man 9.
0000000 Right: The game WAS difficult, and one can argue it is the pinnacle of the Mega Man series. I definitely wouldn't recommend this being your first Mega Man game. It's Mega Man 9 for a reason. Most of the time, the difficulty of the game made the game fun. Some of the time, it was just painfully difficult. Although I did really enjoy the 2nd to last boss (it was a throwback to the end boss of Mega Man 1, which honestly which Mega Man fan doesn't love that?). The bosses were well designed, and the game felt new. The abilities were unique. While traditionally short, by now we've gotten used to that.
0000000 A note on difficulty: While I feel this was a marginally more difficult game overall than Mega Man 7, which also got the coveted 8/10 difficulty, it doesn't quite make it to the 9/10 level. But the game was already suffering due to being TOO difficult, so don't see this as a bad thing. While it's possible for a game to be 9/10 in difficulty AND super fun, most of the time 9/10 is just too difficult and not fun. And a 10/10 game would be something like Battletoads, Super Ghouls and Goblins, Ninja Gaiden. (I've heard Dark Souls is difficult, although I have no interest in the game, but that would probably be a 10/10). In any case, within the confines of my difficulty ratings system, a 10/10 in difficulty is saying the game went too far in the difficulty category and by consequence is not fun.

~ Adam Henderson

Game Difficulty Rating:

62% Decent.
35% Disappointing for a Mega Man game, the music is supposed to be one of the draws for this series.
65% Superb level design, bosses and abilities felt new.
72% HARD, but also fun. A difficult feat to pull off.
10% 20 hours. You'll never play this game again after you're done.
2% What story?


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