Genre: RPG Developer: SquareSoft System: Playstation

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One word:


This game is the hardest RPG ever made. I'm not exaggerating. I'm not kidding. From the time you start this game, you find yourself saving then dying. Then you start again, win a few easy battles, win the hard battle, save, and die again. The difficulty may have been compromised if the guys at Square had provided a tangible storyline or plot of any kind. From the very beginning, the storyline provided is weak, and for some characters, non-existant. For example, the coolest character in the game, Blue, is given almost no storyline at all at the beginning, and the storyline that existed then disappears quickly. Less cool characters, like Amelia and T260, are given semi- intricate plots at the beginning, but they too fade soon. The one character that saves this game in my opinion, is Red. Not only is he given an engaging plot, but also has the ultra-cool ability to change into a superhero named Alkaiser. All round, this game is pretty cool, but will only be enjoyed by RPGers among us who yearn to breathe free and break loose from a limiting storyline. And to those of you who exist: Good Luck.
~ Wayne Kelley

58% Beautiful backgrounds, but... Pixels?
65% OK, but nothing I'd like to listen to on a regular basis.
45% There's probably some somewhere...
55% It'll keep you going for a while, but only the strong will survive.
10% Could be considered cruel and unusual in some states.


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