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Last updated: 9/7/22
Added information for Chehalis Challenge

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0000000One-day tournament:Oct 23rd, 2022

0000000Pay entry fees by Paypal, or credit card.

Prize Pool for Division 1 (16 players)
Rank Prize
1st: $168
2nd: $100
3rd: $70
4th: $40

Prize Pool for Division 2 (7 players):
Rank Prize
1st: $140
2nd: $80
3rd: $60
3rd: $40

Prizes will be paid in cash during the awards ceremony. Please do not leave without your prize in hand.
Expense table:
Income: $40 * 23 = $920
Room Rental $130
NASPA ratings fee $92
Total Expenses: $222
Income less Expenses / Total Prizes: $698
Total Prizes Div1: $378
Total Prizes Div2: $320

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