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Last updated: 10/20/19
Updated Prize Table for Oct 26th tournament.

0000000Here you will find all the information you need on Adam's upcoming Scrabble tournaments!
0000000Here are links to sign up for my upcoming tournaments:

0000000One-day tournament:Oct 26th, 2019

0000000Here is the tournament format and info:
0000000Location: The Seattle Chess Club (Basement Floor) 2150 N 107th St, Seattle, WA 98133
0000000Format: 8 games, Round Robin (RR), last game is "King of the Hill".
0000000Sign up by clicking on the date links above, it will lead you to the signup page.
0000000Entry fee is 50$. I know this is higher than entry fees we've had in the past, but this also means that the prize money for performing well will be higher.
0000000As before, divisions will be in groups of 8. If the number of players signed up does not divide evenly, the top division will have more players and a higher prize pool. This is in order to increase incentive for the top players to come!
0000000There will be no prize for high game/high play, however there will be a small prize for coming in 4th place.
000000032 player maximum (If we do reach this limit priority goes to the players who signed up first). Right now, I don't anticipate hitting this max, but if we do, I will consider changing the venue for future tournaments.
0000000 You will now be able to optionally sign up to be in a Collins division. This division will be 4-8 players, must have 4 players for the division to go forward. If we do not get 4 players, I will contact you to see if you would like to play in the TWL division.
0000000Pay entry fees by mail (if paying by mail, checks only), paypal, or credit card.
0000000Prizes depend on turnout, however, here is the prize table for my last tournament for reference: (prize fund = entry fees - anticipated expenses. An expense report will be posted the day of the tournament):

Prize table for May 25th, 2019 tournament (23 players):

Prize Pool for Division 1 (12 players):
Rank Prize
1st: $150
2nd: $125
3rd: $100
4th: $75
5th: $50
6th: $25

Prize Pool for Division 2 (7 players):
Rank Prize
1st: $100
2nd: $75
3rd: $50
4th: $25

Prize Pool for Collins Division (4 players):
Rank Prize
1st: $100
2nd: $50

This prize table will be adjusted if there are more or less players.
If you win a prize, you are expected to be present at the prize ceremony which will be right after we tally the final results at the end of the last game.
If you are not sure whether or not you won any money, you'd better stay and clap for the winners!
Lastly, here is the tournament expenses:
Income: $50 * 23 = $1150
Expenses: Room Rental: $50
Data Entry: 50$
Director's fee: $30
Ratings fees: (14 players * $0.50 * 8 games): $92
Total Expenses: $222
Total Prizes: $925 Total Prizes Div 1: $525 Total Prizes Div 2: $250 Total Prizes Collins: $150

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