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Last updated: 10/14/20
Added information for Online Oct 17th tournament (played on ISC).

0000000Here you will find all the information you need on Adam's upcoming Scrabble tournaments!
0000000Here are links to sign up for my upcoming tournaments:

0000000One-day tournament:Oct 17th, 2020

0000000Pay entry fees by Paypal, or credit card.

Prize Pool (8 players):
Rank Prize
1st: $70
2nd: $55
3rd: $35

0000000This prize table will be adjusted if there are more or less players.
0000000Prizes will be sent out no later than October 24th.
0000000Sample expense table:
Income: $20 * 10 = $200
Director's fee: $20
Total Expenses: $20
Total Prizes: $180
Total Prizes Div1: $180

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