Genre: RPG Developer: Working Designs System: PlayStation

Here are some cool tunes from different parts of the game.

Boat Song
Battle Music
Peaceful Music

0000000Not Ghaleon, dear Quark, Magic Emperor Ghaleon! I really liked the outtakes at the end; they were hilarious. All in all, the game was too short, and the end boss was just the right difficulty. The FMVs were completely awesome, the boat scene especially. In fact, Iíve often thought of the boat song to be the best song ever. Really. Anyway, thereís no real need to make this review long. All in all, this is one youíll want to beat.
~ Adam Henderson

80% As you can see, the blue moon looks awesome.
88% The Boat Song is good, but other than that...
21% That's just how RPG's are.
64% Trust me, you'll want to play to the end.
9% Nothing to make you want to come back once it's over


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