Genre: RPG Developer: Konami System: PlayStation

Here are a few Suikoden tunes I've found:

Inside the castle
I'm not sure where this tune comes from...

This game ROCKS! Konami should be applauded for this title. The way they let you customize your own castle was the coolest part. I felt right at home. The idea behind this game was to lead the Liberation Army (good) against the Imperial Army (Evil) which has taken over the world. On the way you travel to every corner of the game finding new recruits. Most of them are just for numbers, but certain ones are kinda cool! You'll have to find yourself an innkeeper, an artist, a mapmaker, even a spa guy . Sure, it's a weird game, but I liked it, and If you're an RPG fan, and own a PlayStation, then stop by and look at this one!

~ Adam Henderson

89% The opening scenes are breath-taking.
83% Very well-done soundtrack.
91% The way you can customize your castle is cool!
94% This game stays exiting, even to the finish.
30% After beating this game, you'll want to find the secrets!


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