Genre: RPG Developer: SquareEnix System: Switch

0000000 This game takes about 80 hours to finish on Hard Mode, which makes me wonder how short this game would have been on Normal difficulty. The game was not as difficult as you might expect due to your characters not having permadeath, and also being able to keep any experience you gained after losing or retreating from a battle. And in addition to that, you can grind levels if you want by going to the pub and playing their mock battles.
0000000 I found it hard to feel engaged in this game due to unrealistic scenarios that kept coming up in the story. The world is also very small; there's only a few destinations on the map and you don't really "travel" to those destinations they just get marked on the map. There aren't any real side-quests either, there's just side-stories that appear on the map that are just kindof there and I found myself trying to skip past some of them because they were so boring. I kept expecting the clouds on the edges of the map to disappear to reveal a bigger map but it never happened.
0000000 The characters were one-dimensional too. An example is Narve. Narve is the only boy-character in the game and he seems obsessed with his grandfather and walking in his footsteps as a mage. There was never ever mentioned any other thing about him in this game that wasn't directly related to him being the descendant of his grandfather. Another aspect that was a negative were the villains in this game, which there were no shortage of. In fact most of the characters in this game just seemed evil and obsessed with power and world domination. It made for kindof a bad experience.
0000000 The only semi-interesting character in the game was Prince Roland, and he ends up being a huge disappointment because later in the game he ends up siding with this city called Hyzante. The reason Hyzant is bad is because they are forcing all the people of a pink-haired race, called the Roselle, to slave away at this place called The Source, which is a salt deposit around a lake in the desert. To make matters worse, the game gives you an option to agree to join with Hyzante late in the game where the game splits off and becomes non-linear. I was kindof curious what the game would do to justify the player's racist choice here but ultimately I just let the game choose for me and the game didn't choose that one (thankfully). To be honest though, even though the game lets the player make a choice that is completely racist, I kindof like it, because at least it makes the game interesting and it shows that we're not always going to be stuck in a box forced by political correctness forever.
0000000 Being able to influence the story in non-linear consequences via the scales of convinction was really cool. The gameplay was really fun but also seemed a little strange with some of the game mechanics such as the quietuses. Overall the game is solid as an RPG. Even the story despite all its flaws was good. I did find some of the characters, such as Benedict to be annoying, but his name is Benedict so I'll give it a pass. I look forward to the sequel.

~ Adam Henderson

Game Difficulty Rating:

80% Pretty standard Graphics
70% It's just kindof there
70% There were some small innovations here and there.
88% By far the strongest aspect of this game, it's just really fun.
70% 80 hours.
80% Parts of it were engaging.


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