Genre: RPG/Stratiegy Developer: Konami System: PlayStation

I loved this game! It's kinda hard to call it an RPG, because it's more in the adventure genre, but it really doesn't matter. You lead the main character, Ash Limbert, through battle after battle to rebel against the Istarian Empire. The battles are real fun, and the artists did a great job. I love how blood splatters everywhere when you kill a person. If you ever played Shining Force (A game made by Sega) you might recognize the game. The battles are just like Shining Force, except in 3-D. (And the archers can only shoot right out in front of them, which is actually more realistic) Anyway, if you loved Shining Force, you'll love this game.
~ Adam Henderson

78% Very nice FMV! I like it!
91% I like the SFX for killing people!
94% Nice use of 3-D, in the style of S.F.
80% Great Story, could have left out profanity.
4% Short Game. But fun!


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