Genre: RPG Developer: Media Vision System: PlayStation

Wild Arm's

WildArms is the last RPG before THE BIG ONE. RPG's nowadays seem to be getting on the evil side. I mean, come on! The Diablo Golem, the Lucifer Golem, and the Beelzebub Golem are all there. They even included some language that wasn't really even necessary. But anyway, other than that this game kicks some serious @$$! The default name for your main character is Rudy Roughnight, a wandering youth that has the ability to possess arms (guns). He later teams up with 2 other characters: Jack and this one girl (I can't remember what her real name is). Staying true to any true RPG, you wander to every area in Filgaia (The main map) finding cool things to do, and uncovering story line. After you get far enough into the game, you are awarded with goodies such as a ship, an airplane, and advanced magic spells. (Who could live without the Warp To Town spell, or the Aviod Getting into Battles spell?) This game is very long, so long I haven't even beaten it yet, (but I'm about to). Great game, I'd recommend it to anybody.
~ Adam Henderson

70% Just grogous! Amazing Detail!
95% The sounds of this game always is top-notch.
83% I liked the ability to edit your own icons!
80% Story is kindof dumb, but it's truly an RPG.
15% I lost interest before the game was over!


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